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In the Name of God

The Ramnamis are a small hindu sect from central India. As leather-workers they are on the lowest rung of the caste-system, because they process the skins of dead cows and are considered ‘untouchable’. Traditionally this status meant that they were prevented from entering Hindu temples along with the other castes. So, in an expression of their own proud religious convictions, the Ramnamis began the practice of tattooing the name of the god, (Ram) all over their faces and bodies. In this way they wished to show that everyone is equal in the eyes of God and that they have no need of temples to confess their faith. Today the Ramnami tradition continues with its own strand of Hindu belief and outdoor prayer areas, and its members hold their heads high in the knowledge of their devotion to their faith.

Olivia Arthur 2005

Apesar desse “iguais perante os olhos de deus” que lembra muito um cristianismo cagado sobre o hinduísmo, sem muita possibilidade de se confirmar que tá ok, as fotos são bonitas.

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Woman in Front of a Small Tree
Muhammad Yûsuf (al-Husaynî)

17th Century